Monday, May 14, 2012

Days of Our LivesI

I love orchids. They're my favorite flowers in the world. I'm not sure about that since I live in North America, but orchids are my favorite flowers on my particular continent, at least...probably the world, though. My husband bought me this plant. (May it rest in peace) Poor pink orchid is no longer exuding joy like it did when it beautified my dining room. However, this plant lasted at least 7 months. That's a record for me and I did all I could to nurture it back to health. I am better able to cope with this tragic plant death by assigning blame to my dogs. I know they killed it...I just...know. There's no way I added too much ice to orchid's soil, right? Yeah...that's what I tell myself, at least. R.I.P. Beautiful Orchid. I'm so sorry I couldn't save you!

SUSPECT #1 in Orchid Murder Case: Joshua Hodge, Male, approx. 26 years of age. Last seen wearing a thin, white undershirt that he thinks is an appropriate substitute for upper-body wear. Don't be deceived by his charming good looks...I have an instinctive detective feeling that he knows exactly what happened to Orchid.

SUSPECTS #2 and #3 in Orchid Murder Case: Lucy and Halle Hodge (Crazy-looking lady, Regina is completely innocent.)

Ok, I killed the Orchid. I admit it...RELUCTANTLY and REMORSEFULLY. To cheer me up about my plant murder (and the rest of you readers) here's the back of my husband's head against the sky. Well, sorry....It worked for me. :)

He'd probably hate this one. I don't know why but I think he's especially attractive here with a furrowed brow that needs tweezing. He has the most gorgeous eyes and I hate it when his eyebrows threaten their beauty. Time to attack him with the tweezers. Still, he's effortlessly handsome. Men make me sick with how they can make weird, imperfect faces that we plaster all over magazines. If only women had it this easy. I'd love to stop tweezing my squirley brows.

Overdone tweezing. Facial expression suggests embarrasment. Glasses purchased to distract from this mistake. I have perfect vision- but my co-workers don't know that, now do they? Crisis averted...

On my way to a foster home, I saw THIS. I mean, who wouldn't call that number? I must know MOOOOORRRRRE about buying this waterfall. Whose is it, in the first place? How does one claim a waterfall and sell it? Calling this number is definitely on the to-do list.

I drive...a LOT. Every day, I'm on the road. Some days are longer than others, but the best driving days are spent with my husband. He was with me on this one...hence, the big smile on my face.

Halle looks all-knowing most of the time. Lucy always looks frantic and anxious, with her ears perked. Halle and Lucy understand me and chilling on the couch is our favorite past-time.

I make collages "on the reg". (On a regular basis, for those who do not conform to main-stream phrases) I make collages on a regular basis. There. Now, everyone gets it. It's like "pinning", but you actually make something and don't just click a mouse on things you wanna make.

Think about it... :)

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