Thursday, May 31, 2012



So…I love (loved?...It's complicated.)... Pinterest. I’m just going to put that out there.

Tonight, I plopped on the couch to log my regular 2-3 hours daily pinterest time when stumbled upon something magnificent that threatened my long-term Pinterest relationship…

It’s called Polyvore. Sure, both of my beloved websites/hobbies (I prefer "recreational activities") may sound similar…but the differences have left me feeling confused and scared- much like a post-breakup emotional breakdown. 

I’m in love. It’s true, Pinterest. Polyvore gives me so much more freedom! You have gotten predictable and our routine is now monotonous. 

I’m tired of the same old habits you constantly exhibit to repin my already pinned pins. You make me look like a fool and never offer a respectable apology for your behavior. 

You’ve changed, Pinterest. Much like my ex-lover, Facebook, you’ve given into peer pressure. You’ve added inconvenient and strategically placed delays for your own selfish pleasure.

Yes, it’s true…Polyvore and I just met tonight. We only spent a brief time together, but I felt appreciated. I got to make my own decisions. I was not interrupted with your predictable mistress, Error 504.  Polyvore appreciates me. I think we need to take a break, Pinterest…I just need time to think.


Aphtaen Makaili said...

If you like this site then you might enjoy "Fancy" (also an app)... someone showed me yesterday and it has the same ability to shop and sell. It's for the pinterest stuff that you can never find the origination of, but these new sites seem to have less diy stuff.

Regina said...

Thanks, Makaili- I'll check it out. I think I may just need to follow more people on Pinterest because I see the same things over and over. Polyvore takes more time to make a collage and you're right about the DIY stuff. I need to come up with a DIY pinterest/polyvore site that combines best aspects of each. Then, I'd be rich and could live on my own island somewhere. If that ever happens, quit your job too because you and Micah are coming. :)