Sunday, May 6, 2012


Armed with scissors in-hand and a camera, I had a tough decision to make. I had planned to cut some of these roses from the bush at the end of our driveway for quite some time now. They were going to fill a vase to decorate my living room and would go perfectly with all the other flowers I had murdered yesterday. I'd been eying Ms. Derryberry's (I love rhyming old lady names) garden with envy since the day her flowers had bloomed. I plotted to swipe a few of my unknowing neighbor's bulbs as soon as she left for work that morning.

Too embarrassed to ask, "Can I pick some of your flowers", plucking them without her permission was the only way to avoid any awkward flower transactions in my neighborhood. Since I now had gorgeous roses on my own property, Ms. Derryberry's buds were spared. I could now cut my own floral additions for my decorative arrangement. I decided against hacking these roses from their end-of-my-driveway habitat. I used my camera instead to capture their magnificent glory.

I've decided I'm happy I never asked my neighbor to chop her garden to pieces. I'm also satisfied with my self restraint and discipline that I implemented to combat my Grinch-y garden-stealing compulsions.

Since my flowers are directly across the street from Ms. D-berry's (that's her rapper name) garden, I am fulfilled with the knowledge that she's jealous of my roses. She hasn't admitted it- I just know. Any woman who spends hours plucking weeds and meticulously maintaining a garden oasis has to hate a quirky neighbor who put no effort whatsoever into out-shining any flower she's grown. :)  

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