Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sweet-n-Low Sandies & Popeye Biscuit Beauties

I'm a social worker. Love my job, but have learned that my passion for my career means you've gotta learn to live on a budget. That's okay- you've just got to get creative sometimes. When there isn't much in the pantry, I get a little unconventional. This has resulted in some disastrous dishes (ask my husband about my "spicy pasta"). Every now and then, I have a stroke of genius when I combine our pre-payday rations. One Friday night, we were hungry. Tired of the usual fast food quick fix, I was determined to use what limited supplies our pantry housed to combine random ingredients that would satisfy my growling tummy. "Sweet-n-Low Sandies" were born that night. I nervously observed as my husband hungrily took his first bite. I simultaneously devoured my first self-invented recipe to establish that I'm one resourceful little wife with a knack for makin' meals outta morsels....

Sweet 'n Low Sandies: 1 can of biscuits, 2 tbsp. melted butter or margarine, pecans, sweet-n-low, and cocoa mix. STEP 1: Melt butter in microwave and pour evenly on uncooked biscuits. STEP 2: Sprinkle sweet-n-low packets on biscuits. STEP 3: Sprinkle cocoa mix over uncooked biscuits and top with pecans. STEP 4: Bake Biscuits (duh). This recipe is a no-brainer and the simplicity of it ensures that you'd have a hard time messing this one up. Once you've topped your biscuits with sweet sprinklings, just bake on whatever temp and time your biscuit can instructions tell you to follow. Try not to get to heavy on the cocoa mix. Sugar could probably sub for Sweet-n-Low, but it's what we had in the pantry. Satisfy your sweet tooth and your hunger in minutes!

Result of my seemingly strange combination of ingredients? A sweet treat of light toasted pecan biscuit-sandies, with a hint of chocolate and melt-in-your-mouth bite-sized yum yums! These beauties have just the right amount of sweetness for me, since I prefer less rich desserts. They're great in the morning and on-the-go!
One can't truly appreciate SLS's (a.k.a. Sweet-n-Low Sandies), without first having a main course. I dubbed this entree with the name "Popeyes". Why, you ask? Capers look a bit like eyes, popping out of melted pepper jack cheese atop roasted turkey and seasoned biscuits. Olive Oil was Popeye's lady love and is also a key ingredient to this savory treat. STEP 1: Lightly spread Olive Oil over uncooked biscuits. (You should put them on a pan first, folks...or prepare for a messy disaster- your choice.) STEP 2: Add your preference of seasoning- I used parsley flakes, very light chili powder (crushed red pepper is better), and a little kitchen helper of mine called "Soul Seasoning". (I've used Kroger's "Zesty Original Blend Seasoning" in the past.) STEP 3: Plop a few capers on those bad boys- I have my brother-in-law to thank for my newly found ingredient. These tiny pea-looking things add SO much flavor! To stay true to the "Popeye" theme, topping biscuits with fresh spinach would be phenomenal...I didn't have any spinach this time. STEP 4: Small portions of lunch meat must be added- you can fold the capers inside for more flavor. I used turkey. I love turkey. You can use whatever meat you prefer, but I've found turkey works best with this ingredient combo. Add cheese- I had 2 slices of pepper jack cheese so they were sacrificed into my new creation. I'd imagine any cheese would be delicious- it always is. STEP 5: Bake! I baked my Popeyes with my Sweet-n-Low Sandies in the oven, since I used the same type of canned biscuits. Follow directions on your biscuit can for time and temps. Read the directions before you peel that stupid wrapper and end up punching the can to get it to open. Trying to piece the instructions back together is tougher when you've ravaged the stubborn "easy-open" biscuit can. Free advice from one who has been there too many times!

Now enjoy! My new innovative recipe will make you big and strong...just like Popeye. :)

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