Monday, May 28, 2012

Los Tres Amigos

Tuesdays are gloriously concluded with a weekly trip to Los Tres Amigos, where my craving for Mexican food is satisfied. Always a bargain hunter, I have yet to find a budget friendly restaurant whose prices and food are as good as this scrumptious spot. Chips and salsa are devoured as we sit outside on the patio, debating our menu selections and drink specials. For me, margaritas are either too sweet or too strong. For the boys, they’re just right. I wash my  toasted, crispy chips down with an ice cold cervesa.

We don’t frequent this place for the décor or atmosphere. We go here to chill out after a long day’s work. If you want fancy over friendly and fun, that works for us- There’ll be more empty seats outside for our soon-to-arrive amigos. Painted in turquoise and orange, Los Tres is easy to find. Some may say the décor is a bit tacky- We don’t care. I’ll take tacky if it comes with mouth-watering Mexican food!

To tone down the tacky for you fancy schmancies out there, I re-present to you an edited exterior photo. Somehow, I think it adds class.

The usual entrees for our little posse. We keep it simple with our menu choices, for the most part. Service is exceptional and staff are always friendly. Drinks and chip baskets stay full throughout our stay. As former restaurant workers, we find that our critical expectations of service are met…and exceeded at Los Tres.

With 4 and 5 star ratings, Los Tres’ somewhat outdated façade does not keep customers from stopping in to try the food they’ve heard so much about. I commend their business strategy of offering drink and food specials every Tuesday of the week. Domestic draft beer and chilled margaritas are priced lower than any place in town. I can’t cook dinner at home for the price of an experience at one of my favorite restaurants- Nor can I otherwise sip cervesa without breaking the bank!

Your beer is not rationed by a bartender who tops of glasses with 5 inches of foam, leaving you irritated as you wait for it to dissipate in order to taste actual brew. Each glass served here is ready for immediate consumption- if you choose to chug. I prefer to sip mine cautiously, as it is normally a Tuesday when I visit. (Chugging is probably more acceptable on weekends, right?) I’m a responsible adult now and can no longer down beers without paying a terrible price on Wednesday. Still, at prices so low- Uno Mas Cervesa, por favor! How does one say, "designated driver" in Spanish? We always have one, just in case someone in our group is enticed by the cheap cost of consumption here.

Even the ashtrays here are bright orange. I wonder if this was a deliberate matching-décor purchasing decision made by management, or rather a delightfully tasteless coincidence. At least smokers can easily spot these trays, instead of littering poisonous remains of cancer-causing substances all over the patio. I must admit, I am currently one of those smoking menaces of society. Therefore, I appreciate the thoughtful server who brings me a personal little neon ashtray as soon as I arrive. If you don’t smoke, good for you. That’s fantastic. However, do not permit your better-than-smokers attitude to give way to how you treat the lesser likes of us. Dirty looks are occasionally cast our way, by other patio patrons, when I light up a ciggy. If you detest it that much, go inside. There’s a huge non-smoking section that is the entire interior of Los Tres.  

Josh and Micah exchange looks that can only be explained by a mysterious non-verbal communication connection between twin brothers. It can be freaky for someone who isn’t accustomed to spending an absorbent amount of time with these genetically mutated Hodges. I’ve spent enough time with both of them to interpret most glances produced. This one, for example, suggests disbelief or challenging disagreement. I’m not sure what Micah said to become the recipient of this expression, but my twin-analysis of communication tells me I’m right.

Meet my husband’s twin brother, Micah. I don’t know if they’re identical. No, I haven’t ever mistaken one for the other. Yes, they have a very close relationship. No, their personalities are not exactly alike. No, they have never traded places with each other in relationship/dating scenerios…..You’d be amazed at the twin-related questions I’ve had to answer over the course of my marriage. I have a little spiel that takes about 7 seconds-flat to answer those who are fascinated by Micah and Joshua’s twin-ness. They both love Mexican food and we all love Los Tres Amigos. This shared similarity is not currently considered to be a part of genetic similarities. (note to self: research food preference similarity of twins)

If you’re in Nashville, Tennessee on a Tuesday (or any day, for that matter), stop by and sit with us to enjoy good food and good times. We sat for hours as the sun went down over the city. By for hours, it was literally four hours. Micah’s girlfriend, Makaili, didn’t get out of work until late. I think we may have used that as an excuse to prolong a good time. Always prepared for fun, she arrived with our favorite social game in-hand. We played “Apples to Apples” out on the patio and made ourselves at home at Los Tres. We always do!

Los Tres Amigos
2606 Lebanon Pike, Nashville, TN
(615) 316-0104

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