Saturday, May 26, 2012

Uh oh.

For the two or three family members who read my blog- and for those of you readers who stumble upon this through a series of frantic clicks and random searches- I recently started listing items for sale on By recently, I mean yesterday. In short, I have no idea what I'm doing. I did manage to sell an item already. Problem is, I listed it incorrectly. Hope my New York first-time buyer is a nice lady who will sympathize with my ignorant inexperience. I need to watch some tutorials, I think. Yes, that would probably be beneficial. I listed a 1984 E.T. soundtrack record as a CD, rather than vinyl. *oops. Today, I woke up and eagerly logged into my new account to track progress of sales overnight. I felt prideful when I noticed that my Goodwill discovery record had been purchased. This successful feeling faded when I noticed I had incorrectly described my item. I messaged my NYC buyer to apologize profusely. I probably said I'm sorry at least four times. I hope she finds it in her little E.T. loving heart to forgive me...I think she will. Anybody who loves E.T. is more than likely a kind-hearted individual. Then again, a big E.T. fan/collector could potentially transform into an angry, vengeful lunatic once said collector discovers that their newest addition to their memorabilia collection is unworthy of purchasing. Let's hope New York lady is the former type of movie fan....We shall see.

 E.T. was a great example for us all. Any true fan would honor his memory by forgiving, right? :)

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